I notice in my last letter , that I closed with : “I’ll write again in a couple of weeks ! “

December 10, 2015 - Newsletters

That was a big lie wasn’t it !

The other big lie or turnaround was that I decided to write a few more pieces of music for the elusive album. The reason for this was twofold .
Firstly I wanted to bung on one or two things that were n’t solely classical and secondly the current tracks are quite short and the album was running at about 35 minutes which I didn’t feel good about.

As a result I’m a couple of weeks away from completion .

I’ve titled the album “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE OCEAN” . As I came up with the idea
I get the candlelit dinner ! But I have enjoyed your suggestions especially Martin Hutchinson’s Stone Henge angle . Maybe the next one Martin !

Monday the 2nd of May will be one of the most memorable for me, which I must share.
On the 26th of November 1968 , with lump in throat I witnessed my favouite band , Cream
do it’s farewell concert at the Albert Hall.
Those of you that have read James McCarraher’s Sailor biography will be familiar with my obsession with this band during their brief two year career.
Musicianship aside , they had a stage presence I have never really seen equalled and on a good night (usually when they were n’t too chemically challenged) were the champions of blues based rock.
The obvious tension between Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce (the history of their battles on and off stage are legendary) only added to the excitement . It’s also hard to believe that a young Eric Clapton who was the baby of the group , was invariably eclipsed by Jack and Ginger’s improvisational skills.

When they split up , exhausted by internal disputes and the manic and greedy obsessions of their management to tour them in America without respite ,they vowed never to grace a stage together again.

I was in a state of disbelief when a friend John Carter called me to inform that Cream were reforming for four dates at the Albert Hall in May of this year. Even when my other good friend Chris Goulstone (legendary guitarist in his own right ) got me a couple of tickets through exhaustive internet searching, I still didn’t believe it.

In fact sitting in the Albert Hall on Monday the 2nd at 7.50pm I was still convinced that ,either Ginger would n’t turn up or that Eric would decide that his benevolent suggestion of reformation was a bad move for his established career.

At 8pm the lights dimmed , three legends , now challenged by the years and in Jack’s case life threatening illness , strolled on stage, and four thousand people went totally crazy for two hours.
I have witnessed some great concerts, but nothing has come close in terms of audience adoration. The standing ovations for all songs were justified as they gave us most of the repertoire for which they were famous.Eric played with a rocket up his bum, Ginger’s solo was sublime and Jack is still the best bass player in town.
Some of the numbers were a little slower (!) , Jack had to sit down a couple of times and Ginger knocked his cigarette out of his mouth with a drumstick in a senior moment, but it was still wonderful and the evening will stay with me for a long time.

The performance, as with the last concert in’68, was filmed so no doubt the DVD will be out at Christmas. I wonder if I’ll buy it !!

Other News , Michael Goldberg is sending me a batch of Midsummer Night’s Dream
CDs from Chicago, so hopefully we will have these available shortly after release of ‘OCEAN’ .

Paul Boross & I will be pressing the start button on the MB Productions website hopefully next week , and you will be able to read about and hear some of the music we’ve created for TV over the years.
We currently have three shows running on ITV and are working on another, FIRST DANCE
which will be broadcast later this year. Actually I’m battling with the opening titles at the moment , having failed to please the powers that be with all offerings so far.
Maybe Eric ,Ginger & Jack have wiped the creative slate clean again , and I’ll re-enter the pastiche realms of Sunshine Of Your Love for another decade.

Finally thankyou all for still visiting the site , special mention to :Gerd,Thomas Shakat, Linda(as always), Manuela Bath (great to hear from you , leave an email) llona, Chris from Germany, dear Tim,and my insane daughter Laura …..

Much Love