Firslty a massive thankyou to all of you who have clicked away on my website for three months in spite of the fact that nothing significant has changed during that period.
I still get a great kick from all your messages and value your support.

As you can all see from the photo for this newsletter, something rather significant has happened (!!!!!!!!).
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If anyone had suggested to me as little as two months ago that I’d be given the opportunity
to raise anchor with these wonderful guys again, I might well have laughed them out of the room.
Ths is not surprising , as like yourselves, I have observed with admiration the subsequent line-ups of Sailor since my exit in 1999, and chose not to nourish any latent yearnings I might have in that area.

It is not my place or choice to discuss the circumstances that led to my reunion with Phil, Grant and Pete.
Most group splits have a degree of acrimony and I have experienced this in all bands that I have been associated with over 36 years (am I really that old !?)
That said , I can only state how indebted I am to the contributions of Anthony & Rob , and the dedication of Phil , Grant & Pete , who have enabled me to re emerge in the band which changed my life and brought me so much joy.

This dedication is also given credence by the numerous fans ( you know who you are !) who have given a value and a reason for all the Sailor concerts performed worldwide for thirty years.

As I write this I feel that I am sharing a great moment with new found friends , who I may now at last be able to meet in the best possible circumstances …. at a Sailor concert.

The warm and loving welcome I received from the guys has only been topped by our rehearsal last Friday , which was fantastic and we were all very elated by the experience.
The other three guys drove home in much the same physical condition as when they arrived, whereas I felt in need of medical attention from the exhaustion of playing live again for the first time in six years!

The pic above was taken after the rehearsal and I shall treasure it as yet another historical moment in the history of this extraordinary band.
We are all set for the first date in Graz on Saturday , and I can’t wait for this and the following dates , where I can once again enjoy that Sailor reception from the fans that I have missed for so long. Whoopee !!!!

My last letter heralded the launch of my album.
I’m so glad (and relieved !) that you enjoyed it and thankyou for all your comments.
It has sold exceptionally well, assisted by a brief tour of radio stations in the UK to promote it.
I am awaiting the return from America of Bo Bruce who has been unwell and took a well deserved rest. I am looking forward to resuming our work together . She is a marvellous artiste.

Love to all


PS . James Mc C , can you play the accordion ?