I’m sorry about the late letter ,especially as I so enjoy writing to you all.

March 10, 2014 - Newsletters

Dear All
I’m sorry about the late letter ,especially as I so enjoy writing to you all.
My mum was taken ill recently (she lives with me in Wiltshire) and everything has been turned a little upside down.
Since I last wrote to you I have had my studio completely rebuilt and have tried to keep up my music output on one side of the room, while Barry and Mark have hammered and created away on the other . I now have a studio and video editing suite on one side and a cinema and recreation area on the other.
I’ve been using a big screen projector set -up now for about a year.
It’s been very useful for MB Productions projects (mostly music for TV) when playing back
our work to clients. But if I’m really honest , it’s really an excuse for me to get lost in my favourite DVDs on a massive screen.
This also has it’s downside : watching the directors cut versions of all three Lord Of The Rings , about 10 hours in length is quite an unpleasant experience.
It took Sam and Frodo just a little too long to get to the top of that mountain and I had a strong desire to assist Gollum in their permanent destruction.
I am also convinced that Merry & Pippin are really Ant & Dec and at any minute someone is going to exclaim “ I’m a Hobbit , get me out of here!”
Sorry about that , for those of you who are not regular viewers of trash UK television, the above will have proved to be a waste of good reading time.
I’ve finished that album I keep telling you about, but can’t think of a title.
If any of you who have been enduring the sampled music on the web site , have any inspired ideas , then don’t be shy , and make some suggestions. Even offensive ones will be considered . “14 Tracks From A Fat Bastard” is not an option however accurate this may be.
There will be a prize for the winner , if their title is chosen. A candle lit dinner for two,
providing you pay.
But seriously do have a go .
On March the 10th Bo Bruce is back at the Bedford in South London by popular demand.
I’m very proud of her and it’s hard to keep up with her creativity and determination.
In April we shall be completing tracks for her first album and auditioning players for her band.
In the meantime on the 10th she will be backed by all three Marshes on stage ( my two sons Tom, Ollie and me) and the brilliant Luke Smith on Bass. This is probably the first and last time you will get a chance to witness such a star studded line up , which will be broadcast live on the Bedford’s
I was recently congratulated on my performance with Sailor on their UK tour last week from somone who attended their concert at The Theatre Royal in Bath , my home town.
I have to say that it was the easiest gig I have played to date , as I was n’t actually there!
But it’s flattering to know that I could have briefly been mistaken for the youthful Rob Alderton.
I’ll write another letter in a couple of weeks .
Love to you all , especially Christine & Dani and David & Gabi, who wrote such encouraging things. Leave your e-mails next time so that I can write to you
PS James McC never stop rocking.