Hi Everybody , Welcome to my Website and my first attempt at a newsletter.

June 14, 2014 - Newsletters

I know many of you have found this site as a result of scanning the wonderful Sailor website belonging to Katrin Wagner.
So thankyou Katrin for keeping me ‘alive’ in the minds of all those who may have wondered where I’ve gone !!
I must say I ask myself the same question sometimes !
I am informed that my last performance with Sailor was on the 12th of June 1999 which is longer ago than I thought.
Since then I have been replaced by Anthony England , who was the musical director for the musicals , CASPER , THE MASK & SPIDERMAN which I co wrote with Phil Pickett and David H. Bell.
Now the extremely talented Rob Alderton is at the keyboard helm opposite Phil and is an exceptional player.
Any of you who have yet to see a Sailor concert , should catch them on their UK tour next year. They are still the most unique act in the universe!
You can click on the Sailor link somewhere on this website ( I have n’t got a clue where!) and check out their concert dates.
The music playing on most of the pages of this site are pieces that I’ve written for theatre in America for the past ten years.
I first met director and writer David Bell in 1992 through Barry Mason , who is most famous for his hits songs , Delilah , The Last Waltz , Love grows where My Rosemary Goes , and numerous others.
With David , Barry and I wrote the songs for a surfing musical Malibu.
We later changed the title of the show to ONE LAST SUMMER for a number of tedious reasons I cant be bothered to go into now.
In the years that followed I became David’s primary composer for his Shakespeare productions , plays and reviews .
Many of you have been kind enough to write and say how much you like this music and I have had quite a lot of requests to make it available on CD.
This I will do as soon as possible . America has been very kind to me and I have a lot of great talents there to thank for their guidance , most of all David Bell ,who is a great source of inspiration.
As this is really a pre Christmas “Hello” letter , I wont go into too much detail about my current projects , I’ll do that in January if any of you prove to me that you’ve bothered to read this one !
In the meantime I am in the process of setting up an email address and shall be writing a ‘Thankyou’ to those of you who left email addresses on the Guest page .
To the rest of you : Cilia, Sabine, Ken K, Michael from Bremen, Lars (Netherlands),Thorston(Germany),Nigel(England),Linda(Southampton)
l.g.,Andrea,Steve,Sandra(Germany),Terry Whitcomb,Kari Lundberg,
Dan Goodall (Melbourne) Henk Houtenbos,Chrissy, Gerd, and Thomas Shakat …… Thanks for the nice comments and have a Great Christmas
Love ,regards and World Peace Pleeeeease
P.S. James McC You definitely ROCK !!!