Hello Again everybody

January 14, 2014 - Newsletters

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and have suitably recovered.
Although my website has been functioning for a relatively short space of time , it has been visited by numerous people and I have so enjoyed communicating with many of you via email.
Keep writing and I shall get back to you.

I am now compiling tracks for a CD featuring music I’ve written and produced for theatre and I hope to have this ready within the next few weeks.
The music on this album will also contain the tracks currently playing on the web pages .
In answer to questions on the Guest Page : Yes I do still write pop and rock ! and I look forward to invading your senses with other offerings over the coming months/years.

However this first album is special to me because it represents the inspiration of the director with whom I worked at the time; David H. Bell.
What I really like about the Shakespeare plays I composed for in the USA were the worlds in which David placed his productions.
Early 20th century Italy for some , 19th century Russia for another,required me to study musical origins previously alien to me ! and on occasions full orchestrated pieces were needed to reflect the choreography of a full cast at a state ball or pageant .Set and costumes from some of Americas leading designers added enormously to the joy of creating this music.
I realize that this letter is already reading like the sleeve notes of an album yet to exist ! But I hope you all get as much enjoyment listening to it as I did making it.

Also look out for a second CD “A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM” which is the score to last years Chicago First Folio Production , directed by my brilliant friend Michael Goldberg. I’ll tell you more about him and our planned projects in the next letter.

Both CDs will be found on the ‘Buy Something’ page , and will be personally signed by me, with a message to each recipient.

There is now a Gallery page that I have added and I will attempt to place interesting and probably compromising photos relating to me from my angelic youth to the rounded and ageing form that now invades your eyes on the current web pages. Botox and cosmetic surgery are not an option , although applying my limited skills on Photoshop , I may attempt to reduce the waistline measurements. You’ll never know ! I shall be regularly updating this page so check it out.

I am currently managing and producing a new artist Bo Bruce .She is 19 and writes wonderful songs and her singing is phenomenal .
If she permits, I may devote a page to her music for you to hear in advance of her setting up her own Website.

And finally folks : Those of you that e-mailed me or left email addresses , can confirm that I do write back but to the following ;greetings and do get in touch with an email :

Sandra (from Germany) / Dave Bryant (Edinburgh) /Cliff & Pauline(couldn’t work out your address) /Martin Alford (my wonderful chauffeur !) Tim (from Adelaide) / Christel Muller / Lody Scheffer (Netherlands) / Ted Turner (Perth) /Thomas Shakat (Kiel) /Gerd Simmons and …Chrissey

Love and best regards

Henry Marsh

PS : James Mc C you are still rocking and strangely attractive .